Capacity development

At Working for Cities, we believe our work is not complete until the knowledge and skills developed during a project have been transferred to end users. In this regard, we have developed a number of interactive training methods and programs which strengthen our client’s knowledge and skill base in a way that considers unique interconnectedness of cities.

Our capacity development services focus on building capacity among participants to deliver concrete solutions with immediate applicability to real world problems that urban professionals face in the field. Our capacity development and training programs can include:

  • Expert led, multi-day workshops

  • Webinars and E-Learning opportunities  

  • Field visits and interactive, hands-on learning opportunities

  • Peer to peer skills training and information exchange

  • City-to-city cooperation

  • Organic knowledge capture systems within urban organizations and programmes

  • City executive-specific training programmes

Please contact us if you’re interested in our capacity development services.