Research and Knowledge

At Working for Cities, we design, develop and implement robust research and knowledge tools that aim to provide insight into complex city issues along with new approaches to their management and development. Our research and knowledge services include: 

  • Feasibility studies, project review and reporting

  • Guideline documents relating to service provision in rapidly expanding, informal areas along the urban periphery

  • Baseline studies and research using a variety of qualitative and quantitative research, including interview, focus groups, desk review and statistical analysis

  • Coordinating practical and hands-on research projects that take consideration of on-the-ground realities

  • Guidelines and methodologies for municipalities, including toolkits and training manuals

  • Documenting best practices in order to catalyze and upscale practical action.

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Stakeholder engagement

At Working for Cities, we believe that knowledge and understanding of urban issues already exists amongst actors at the local level. However, the true challenge lies in synthesizing and communicating common interests across a diverse group of stakeholders. With this in mind, we develop a number of services aimed at engaging any and all groups involved in urban development.

Services can include:

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Hosting and facilitating collaborative events amongst public-private stakeholders

  • Organizing and enhancing public fora aimed to bring about critical and cross-cutting issues

  • Designing and facilitating digital media tools and strategies for enhanced public participation

  • Engaging the informal sector through new technologies to enhance an understanding of their communities

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Capacity development

At Working for Cities, we believe our work is not complete until the knowledge and skills developed during a project have been transferred to end users. In this regard, we have developed a number of interactive training methods and programs which strengthen our client’s knowledge and skill base in a way that considers unique interconnectedness of cities.

Our capacity development services focus on building capacity among participants to deliver concrete solutions with immediate applicability to real world problems that urban professionals face in the field. Our capacity development and training programs can include:

  • Expert led, multi-day workshops

  • Webinars and E-Learning opportunities  

  • Field visits and interactive, hands-on learning opportunities

  • Peer to peer skills training and information exchange

  • City-to-city cooperation

  • Organic knowledge capture systems within urban organizations and programmes

  • City executive-specific training programmes

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Monitoring and assessment

At Working for Cities, we aim to provide municipal, national and international clients with a range of innovative monitoring and assessment tools and services that aim to measure, manage and optimise change and impact in cities. Our monitoring and assessment services can operate within multi-sectoral projects, programmes and policy while optimizing synergies across systems.

Specifically, at Working for Cities, we can:

  • Develop tailored monitoring programs and indicators for urban initiatives

  • Assess and analyze the impact of urban initiatives

  • Set and measure target reach across systems and sectors

  • Develop comprehensive three-dimensional assessment frameworks and apply these frameworks to various urban projects and programmes

  • Undertake evaluation both of single sector and multi-sector urban initiatives.

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